Rik Mayall and Julian Clary.

It was in the same place with the same registrar but this time everyone was there, including me. The entire courtship was only 12 weeks long so Jim is now hoping to find time to get to know Sara better. Jim, who moved to New York 16 years ago, had never heard of her, although she's a familiar face to British audiences. I've been away so long I felt a bit like the new boy walking into the old school when I arrived at the studio for Carry On Columbus, he admits. I had never heard of alternative comedy and I have to confess I didn't know some of my co-stars, like Rik Mayall and Julian Clary. But that didn't last long. We are all in the business of making people laugh and in Carry On films there is only one way to do that good old slapstick humour. And Jim had some familiar faces around to make him fee

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